Safety policy

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Hybrid mechanical Ltd. is committed to preserving the integrity, success, and quality of our company, by consistently promoting a strong safety culture.  We believe that any project, irrespective of size or complexity can be completed efficiently and safely.  We will strive to promote a program that protects our staff, our property, anyone engaged in an occupation on one of our sites, and the public, from accidental loss, injury, or illness. 

Empowerment and Goals 
All employees and management staff of Hybrid Mechanical Ltd.  are empowered to take responsibility for their own safety, and for the safety of others. We believe that it is everyone’s right and responsibility to include safety as an integral part of our everyday activities. 
Our goal is an injury free workplace at all operations with which we are associated.  To help achieve this goal all employees and contractors are required to work in compliance with applicable OH&S legislation and company health and safety standards.   

Owners Personal Commitment 
I believe that every person in the employment of Hybrid Mechanical Ltd.  is a vital part of our company’s continued growth and success? As such, I make a personal commitment to you: 

“…to constantly promote both a shared effort in achieving excellence in all aspects of our operation, and a culture that ensures your safety as a priority.”